Afrique de l'Ouest

    Le Sénoufos

    Sénoufos , senoufos


    The Sénoufos (or Siéna, the name they give themselves and which means those who work in the field, because the word "Sénoufo" is a derivative of the word "sénanbèle" which is composed of two words "ségi", field, and "nanbéle", men).The Senoufo [unclear] constitute a West African population, present in Burkina Faso, southern Mali (mainly in the Sikasso region) and Côte d'Ivoire (in the north, around the towns of Boundiali, Tengrela and Korhogo), numbering about 1,663,199 members, or 9.7 per cent of the population of Côte d'Ivoire. The Senoufos are mainly farmers who grow rice, millet, maize, yams, cassava and tea.